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I’ve been thinking about Myrna Loy in Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer.   It’s one of my favorite Myrna Loy movies because I identify with her.  She’s a lawyer and is serious about serious things, but underneath that, she has a dry sense of humor.  I also like her clothes.

Cropped screenshot of Myrna Loy from the trail...

Cropped screenshot of Myrna Loy from the trailer for the film Libeled Lady (1936). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But the best part of the movie is watching her become befuddled and bemused by Cary Grant.  I love the entire scene where they go out to eat at a restaurant that has a dance floor.  That scene has it all:  romance and subtle humor that slides into farce.  I love it.

Which makes me wonder why I don’t go to restaurants that have dance floors.  Do they even exist?

It would be worth going back in time just to be able to eat an elegant dinner and go dancing in a lovely dress with someone who knew a few dance steps and could lead.

Now that’s romantic.

And why the Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers films are so popular.

They made dancing together look so effortless, beautiful, and sexy, too.  I believe that Ginger’s acting — looking like she was falling in love while she danced — was one of the reasons Fred Astaire’s film career took off.  She made us see that skinny talented guy in a new  light.


Here’s a lovely still from Roberta.

An RKO publicity still of Astaire and Rogers d...

An RKO publicity still of Astaire and Rogers dancing to “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” in Roberta (1935) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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