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If you don’t know by now that I’m more than half in love with Darcy, you haven’t been paying attention.

Today I watched the last two episodes of Death Comes to Pemberley, a Pride and Prejudice sequel/variation based on the mystery written by the brilliant P.D. James. It was great to step into Pemberley and see someone else’s “what-if” variation. Personally, when I first heard of the novel in 2011 I was hoping that Wickham was murdered and that Darcy was a suspect, but that’s not the plot. Instead, Wickham is on trial for killing his friend Captain Denny.

The lawyer in me loved the inquest and the trial with the different British legal system. And the food for the ball was beautiful.

I had read online that some viewers didn’t like the casting. They didn’t think the leads were good-looking enough. Hogwash. In my mind, they seemed like a more realistic married couple rather than some Hollywood version. Anna Maxwell Martin captured Elizabeth’s intelligence, and Matthew Rhys made an intriguing Darcy. He was a bit grumpy and distant at first, which made sense in this alternate Austen universe, and as the story progressed, I liked him more and more. By the end, he was another worthy Darcy.

I do agree that Mrs. Darcy’s clothes could have been better (some of maids wore more attractive dresses), but I have a good imagination and I assume there were some prettier gowns in her closet. And maybe when she’s not so stressed, she’ll take more time with her hair. However, we love Elizabeth Bennet for her sparkling wit, her fearless candor, and her strength of character, not for her hair.

Penelope Keith made a marvelous Lady Catherine, and I wish her screen time had been longer. It may be time to rewatch my favorite episodes of TO THE MANOR BORN.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. I know I will return.

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Here’s the amnesia romance I’ve been working on:


“How can I be pregnant when I’ve never had sex?”

Kelly isn’t worried about the three weeks she can’t remember after a minor car accident — until two months later when she discovers that she is pregnant.

Obviously she had sex, although she can’t remember it now.  But the important question is:  who is the father?

Forgotten Honeymoon is a sweet, quirky, contemporary romance.

Now available on Amazon and Smashwords (click on picture) for $2.99.  Enjoy.

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Dick Francis

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I discovered Dick Francis books in college.  I read so many of them — half falling in love with their tough yet tender heroes — that I joked that I was destined to be an old maid unless I could find myself a steeplechase jockey (which would have been interesting since I’m 6 feet tall).

One of my favorite Dick Francis novels is Smokescreen.  The hero is an actor who stars in action films (like James Bond) and becomes embroiled in a mystery in South Africa.   I admire the hero because he has a sense of humor about his “glamorous” career, and he is devoted to his wife and his children.  At the end of the story, when the hero is in physical danger, he is resourceful and brave, and yet he doesn’t minimize the pain he’s experiencing.  Dick Francis was a jockey and understands pain.  I wish Smokescreen would be made into a movie, with some tall, dark-haired British actor playing the hero.  But if he’s too busy filming The Hobbit,  I’d settle for an audiobook.

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