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I thought I loved my Kindle, and I do — there are three in my house right now — but now I love the Kindle app on my phone even more. I can read little snippets of books while I’m waiting just about anywhere.

One of this week’s wonderful reads is a book about Erle Stanley Gardner’s storytelling techniques:

Erle Stanley Gardner

Apparently Erle often wrote 100,000 words a month and in pre-computer days managed to keep five full-time typists busy. Amazing.

But in addition to his output, the man was a genius at distilling the themes that readers like.

So, although I don’t intend to start writing murder mysteries, his methods will improve my sweet quirky romances.

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Here’s my latest creation.

Married to Santa

Caroline has only two small problems this Christmas season.

1.  She has amnesia.

2.  The man who says he’s her husband thinks he’s Santa Claus.

Married to Santa is a sweet, quirky, rated PG Christmas novella.  It is available only on Amazon.

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I’m thrilled to announce that book two in my Love and Chocolate Series, Marry the Doctor is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.

Marry the Doctor


Since the death of his wife, Frank Brannigan has focused on raising his two daughters and furthering his medical practice, but he’s lonely. Maybe it’s time to get married again, but how?

Marry the Doctor is book two in the Love and Chocolate Series. Each book is a stand-alone sweet romance without cliff hangers.

For those of you who read Corporate Husband, I think you’ll enjoy Frank’s story.

Please let me know what you think of it – either through email Beverly.farr.author@gmail, or writing a review on Amazon or Goodreads.



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Romance in movies and books is often big and dramatic — that’s why we like it.  But I think that most romance is quieter,more simple.  I often think of how normal, everyday people meet and fall in love.  Few of us will make that exhilarating run through an airport to let the love of our life know that we can’t live without them.  But that doesn’t mean that our lives aren’t romantic.

More Than Friends

I’ve written a new short story along these lines.  It’sfree on Amazon (click on photo) and free on smashwords:


It’s a sweet romance.

Enjoy.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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Her Ex Next Door has a new cover that seems to match the content:

There’s a new cover for Baby Comes First, too.  Let me know what you think!

Baby Comes First

Her Ex Next Door

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I’m thrilled.  Corporate Husband, book one in my Love and Chocolate Series is now available on Amazon and barnesandnoble.com.

Corporate HusbandTo inherit her grandfather’s chocolate company, Louisa Brannigan needs a loyal employee to marry her and keep his mouth shut.  Justin Reilly seems like the ideal candidate, until he starts changing the rules.

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When I’m writing a romance, I try to find inspirational theme songs for the two main characters.  As the draft progresses, I sometimes change the theme song.  But I find that it helps to play the song on loop while I compose or while I’m driving, thinking about plot development, etc.  It helps me get into the emotional zone.

For current WIP, the heroine’s primary theme song is by Josh Groban:

The heroine’s secondary theme song is by Kelly Clarkson:

The hero’s theme song is by Adele:

One of the fun things about doing this, is that the characters are identified by the songs (at least in my mind), so when I hear them on the radio, it’s like meeting an old friend.

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