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Teenage boy reading a book in the garden, 1910...

Teenage boy reading a book in the garden, 1910-1920 (Photo credit: State Library of Queensland, Australia)

This week I spoke at a public school district Literacy Night where the theme was “Fight Evil.  Read books.”  I’ve looked at different statistics about what percentage of the people in prisons can’t read — but regardless of which statistics are correct, our society would be improved if more people could read — and would read.

I told a very small crowd about how I loved to read and how reading helped me become a better writer.

I talked about staying up at night to read.  I read so many books in high school that I sometimes hid a “decoy” book under my pillow (so my Mom could confiscate it), while I hid the current book under my mattress.  I convinced my Mom that I needed a nightlight so I was able to read in the middle of the night.   I read Gone With the Wind by nightlight.

To this day, I can’t start a good book after 10 p.m., because if I do, I will read until the wee hours of morning and not function well the next day.

I think helping a person learn to love reading is one of the best things we can do.

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