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I have been rereading Pride and Prejudice lately and that has led me to reread other Jane Austen books. Mansfield Park is not my favorite Austen novel – I still get a little wigged about first cousins marrying, although I know it’s legal in most places, etc., and Fanny Price is not as fun as Elizabeth Bennet.

She’s not as clever or ornery.

She’s small and plain, soft spoken and dare I say it – a bit of a doormat.

And I don’t think that her cousin Edmund appreciates her sufficiently by the end.

So as a romance, it’s not as satisfying as watching the proud Darcy fall in love with Elizabeth Bennet.

But, I will say that Austen’s insight into the way people think and react is amazing. Rereading her books is a joy. I am fascinated by the side characters.
Which makes me think about life and love and characters and my books and why there’s room for all of us.

Fanny Price is good, and although I don’t agree with all her decisions or behaviors, I admire her for keeping her principles. And I will try to give Edmund the benefit of the doubt.

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Here’s my latest creation.

Married to Santa

Caroline has only two small problems this Christmas season.

1.  She has amnesia.

2.  The man who says he’s her husband thinks he’s Santa Claus.

Married to Santa is a sweet, quirky, rated PG Christmas novella.  It is available only on Amazon.

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Quilting is an odd hobby. You buy perfectly good fabric, chop it up into tiny triangles and squares and sew it back together again.

But I love it. In my view, quilts are works of art. If you’ve noticed, my videos have my quilts in the background, and there are references to quilts and other handicrafts in my books.

The Quilt Fairy — pretty obvious

The Baby Tree — heroine is a quilter

Her Ex Next Door — an Amish quilt provides a plot point

Hmm, this makes me think that I should have put more quilt comments in my other books.

Why do I love quilts?

Because my mother loved quilts. She had a Jacobs ladder quilt as a bedspread on her bed. It was one of her wedding gifts. I spent many hours of my childhood talking with her in her room, helping her fold laundry and looking at the pretty designs of the fabrics. It was mostly pastels, but there was one garish red square that drew the eye. Later, my mom collected magazine articles and quilt books as references and made a few quilts herself — but never as many as she had dreamed about. At one point, after I was in college, we visited a Amish quilt store together. That was a treat.

In my early adulthood, I had grandiose plans of creating the perfect quilt. I didn’t anticipate making more than one, so I wanted my final plan to be “just right.” But there were so many options of styles and color combinations that I hit quilter’s block (similar to writer’s block). I bought fabric, but never moved forward. Once I was married, I made a few baby quilts. I didn’t set up big projects because there never seemed to be enough room, and I didn’t want babies crawling around eating pins. Then about ten years ago I realized that my quilt didn’t have to be perfect and that I shouldn’t think of it as my magnum opus. Instead I would think of quilts like my novels. They just had to be “good enough.” That was emotionally liberating, and I began quilting.

The mathematician in me likes piecing, but my favorite part is the hand quilting at the end. I even like sewing the binding around the edges. Hand sewing is soothing and peaceful.

I love quilts — the way they look, the way they feel. My favorite morning is waking up on a cold winter day, feeling warm and toasty under a heavy layer of several quilts.

Down the road, I anticipate writing a series of romances that reference a quilt shop and quilting bee. But right now, I have to get back to my Love and Chocolate series.

Below is a video of me with my favorite quilt, my 100 nine-patch.

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