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Merry Christmas.  Here are two movies that I adore that include Christmas and New Years Eve:

I’ve mentioned these two movies before, so  I’ll write just a few highlights.  Some SPOILERS.

Promotional photo of Ginger Rogers for Argenti...

Promotional photo of Ginger Rogers for Argentinean Magazine. (Printed in USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bachelor Mother with Ginger Rogers and David Niven.  Savvy but starving heroine adopts a baby because everyone thinks it’s hers.  I’d love to see a remake, but with today’s DNA testing, etc., it wouldn’t happen.  I like the hero buying the heroine some beautiful clothes and taking her to the New Years Eve Party.  He’s not quite Prince Charming, and he doesn’t completely appreciate  her until the end, but it’s a fun ride.

I think the landlady who takes care of Ginger’s new baby is sweet and quirky, and I like her college student son.  I love  Charles Coburn  who plays David Niven’s rich, businessman father.  He is also charming as a match maker in The More the Merrier.  The only thing I don’t like in this movie is Ginger’s hair, which is a little too Jean Harlow for me, but it was popular at the time.   Everything else is wonderful.

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.


One of the more recent romantic comedies that gets it right:  sympathetic, interesting characters who find themselves in a weird, funny situation and end up happily ever after.

Bill Pullman plays an honorable guy who is quietly funny and romantic.

It’s one movie I wish I had written.

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It’s rare when I like a remake more than the original — especially when the original stars Cary Grant.  However, I like The Preacher’s Wife better than The Bishop’s Wife.  Why?

Cover of "The Preacher's Wife"

Cover of The Preacher’s Wife

I think Whitney Houston’s husband is more sympathetic than Loretta Young‘s .  Normally I enjoy David Niven, but he is a little too fussy and focused on making money (although for the church) in The Bishop’s Wife.   So at the end of The Bishop’s Wife, I feel sorry for Loretta because she has to stay with her reformed, but still fuddy duddy husband.  In contrast, Whitney gets to stay with her husband, who was always a great guy, just overworked and overwhelmed.  Through the visit from the angel, both Whitney and her husband learn to appreciate each other.

Perhaps I also prefer the smart-mouthed, modern American setting to the subtle, reserved English setting, which is also rare for me.  My favorite character in The Preacher’s Wife is Whitney’s mother played by Jenifer Lewis.   She has such a great attitude.  And the scene where she shakes Denzel Washington‘s hand and decides to quit smoking is very moving.

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