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My current WIP has me thinking about tall, dark, handsome heroes with angst.

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I want a happy ending, but I want my characters to suffer before they get that happy ending.   Watching others survive their emotional trials is cathartic and satisfying.

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Fiction gives me hope.

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I’ve been reading some fun blogs about the difference between love in fiction and love in real life.

Since I’m working on a novel right now in which the main character (like me) likes Darcy, Thornton and Rochester a little too much, it has been on my mind.

In my not so humble opinion, a good romance is realistic.  There are enough “men are from mars” type insights in Pride and Prejudice, North and South, and Jane Eyre to make those male characters ring true emotionally.  Of course, they may be richer and better looking than the men at the grocery store, at church, or at work but underneath the fictional glitz, they really are men — and that’s why those books are so popular today.

Or am I just deluding myself?

One of the interesting blogs:



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I know what I’m doing.

I’m going to be watching North and South with everyone else this weekend.  I don’t know how to tweet yet, but I am going to escape into one of my favorite worlds.   To misquote one of my favorite movies (Sabrina 1995), “Thornton is always a good idea.”

If you don’t own it already, you can watch it on Netflix.

To read more about it, check out www.rafrenzy.com

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