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I’ll confess, I don’t read much of Other People’s Fiction these days.  I watch some movies, but I rarely sit down and read because if I have the choice between OPF and MOF (My Own Fiction), MOF wins.

Woman Reading (Kuroda Seiki)

Woman Reading (Kuroda Seiki) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, I love my Kindle and the ability to download samples.  So when I’m in the doctor’s office or somewhere else where I have ten minutes to sit, I scroll through my list of OPF and skim.  Most samples are entertaining for 5 to 10 pages, but I have no desire to finish the book.

Yesterday I came across What You Wish For by Catherine Winchester.  It was a Lost- in- Austen-esque version of North and South with a modern girl meeting Mr. Thornton.  What’s not to like about that?  As with Lost in Austen, there were a few things that I would have written differently, but that’s the case with most books I read.  I continually edit in my mind.  However, it was a fun escape and I thought she captured the essence of many of the characters in the original novel, but also made them her own creations.   Fun.

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C. E. Brock illustration for the 1895 edition ...

I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was twelve.  I was naive — like Elizabeth, I was actually taken in by Wickham’s charm, and I didn’t like Darcy at all.  But as the novel progressed, my emotional reactions changed as well.  Since then, I’ve reread the book many times.  It has become my favorite novel.  I often read it once a year — looking forward to the event as a mental treat.  Maybe that’s why I enjoyed Lost in Austen — because like Amanda, I tend to get absorbed by Austen’s world.   Sometimes I refer to it as being “kidnapped by a good book.”

 What good books have kidnapped you?

Note:  Lost in Austen, although 95% sweet, does contain some PG-13 level material.

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