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There is a wonderful scene in Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts and Joan Cusack where Joan tells Julia that she’s quirky, and Julia says, “You’re quirky, too,” but Joan corrects her.  “I’m not quirky, I’m weird.  There is a world of difference between quirky and weird.”  (I’m paraphrasing this).

Film poster for Runaway Bride (1999 film) - Co...

Film poster for Runaway Bride (1999 film) – Copyright 1999, Paramount Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This scene was hilarious and insightful to me, because I felt weird through much of my adolescence (who doesn’t?) and as I’ve gotten older, I am becoming more confident, and therefore, more quirky (hopefully less weird).

Which made me think of weird and quirky heroes and heroines.

Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby — rotates between being weird and quirky.

Katharine Hepburn in  Holiday – quirky and sweet.

Jean Arthur‘s entire family in You Can’t Take It With You — quirky.

Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping — quirky.

Jim Hutton in Walk Don’t Run — quirky.

Gary Cooper in Ball of Fire — quirky.

Often “quirky” is left for the humorous sidekick characters.  But I like quirky.

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Cover of HBO John Adams dvd Source: Amazon

Tonight I started watching the HBO series John Adams.  I had watched most of the first episode more than a year ago, but hadn’t gotten around to watching all seven parts.  I was waiting until I could savor it — and watch the entire miniseries in a short period of time.  This is now the time — and with the 4th of July coming up, it feels right. (Warning:  there is a graphic tar and feathering scene with some nudity in episode 1)

I have admired John and Abigail Adams for years, and I’m enjoying the portrayals by Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney.  I like watching movies that contain happily married couples — and John and Abigail are both brilliant and romantic, in their individual ways.   Scriptwise (other than a mumbled use of the word “okay” which made me run to check some online etymology), it is very fun.  I love clever dialogue where there are shades of meaning.  Visually, the costuming is interesting and makes me glad I live in the day of cotton knit.  Corsets may create an hour glass figure, but I’d rather do t-tapp.

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